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King & Wilson's systems and services are constantly being improved and benchmarked against world’s best practice through our membership of the following national and international industry associations, in which our company directors play an active role. ­King & Wilson is affiliated with the following international moving associations, each of which provides valuable information and resources to enable us to continually improve and benchmark our international moving services.

FIDI - Global Alliance


FIDI is the most prestigious moving association in the world. FIDI membership is governed by the FAIM quality assurance programme, which is the only recognised quality accreditation for the moving industry. FAIM quality compliance is audited every two years by Ernst & Young in Brussels.

Only a select few companies in the international moving field have achieved FAIM accreditation, and King & Wilson is proud to be one of them. 

Wherever possible, King & Wilson work exclusively with FIDI partners who have demonstrated the quality of their services via the FAIM programme.

AFRA - Australian Furniture Removers Association


AFRA is the national industry body of the furniture removals industry, responsible for setting professional standards and providing customer dispute resolution facilitation, which is binding upon the member company and recognised by the Department of Fair Trading.

King & Wilson is a founding member of AFRA and company representatives regularly attend AFRA state and national meetings.

A.I.M.A - Australian International Movers Association


AIMA is the Australian national association for international movers, providing a self-governing mechanism for the industry, working with Government Departments such as Customs and Quarantine, and providing an independent dispute tribunal to protect the interests of the public.

Membership of AIMA is restricted to those companies which are affiliates of FIDI or else have satisfied the strict AIMA membership criteria which includes a requirement for independently certified proof of financial integrity.

BAR - British Association of Removers

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BAR is the national industry body in the United Kingdom.

The major customer benefit of our associate members­hip of BAR is that King & Wilson is able to develop and maintain close working relationships with UK companies for the purposes of providing high quality services for those moving to and from the UK. Internally, King & Wilson also benefits by being able to benchmark our training.

IAM - International Association of Movers

International Association of Movers

IAM is the world’s largest moving association, is the dominant industry body for US moving companies and provides valuable customs information for shippers to the USA.

IAM's annual conferences in the USA are regularly attended by King & Wilson representatives and provide a forum for the international moving industry.

The following services should be considered when moving overseas:

Insurance, Packing, Storage, Additional Services, Support Material

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