Secure containerised storage in Sydney

As part of our moving services, King & Wilson offers long and short term containerised storage at our Sydney warehouse. Our Sydney facility features storage modules, under cover steel containers and high security climate controlled storage systems.

Many clients choose to store belongings either before moving, whilst overseas or interstate, or when they first arrive in Sydney. In all cases, we offer competitive pricing and a level of care consistent with our other world-class services.

We recommend Grace’s mobile self storage solution – Smartbox for clients requiring Sydney self storage options.

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Cost-effective alternative to local self-storage

Are you a Sydney local looking for cost-effective storage?

Storing your belongings with us is significantly less expensive than a self-storage solution, whilst offering increased security, as clients are not permitted into the warehouse without King & Wilson staff supervision.

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Our storage facilities are secured by CCTV, monitored alarm systems and patrolled security.



We regularly clean and fumigate our storage facilities using accredited pest control professionals to ensure a clean and inert environment.



Storing your belongings with us is significantly more cost-effective than choosing a self-storage solution.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need insurance?

Yes. We can arrange for specialist storage insurance for possessions stored both locally and overseas. Please contact us for more information.

How do your prices compare to self-storage solutions?

Storing your belongings in our Sydney warehouse is significantly more cost-effective than choosing a 24-hour access self-storage solution.

Do you have the facilities for storing large/unique items?

Yes. We used a containerised system, so if you can fit it into a shipping container - you can store it with us.

We also have specialist climate controlled storage facilities for works of art. Contact us for more information.

Where is the storage facility located?

We are located at 4 Hope Street, Ermington.

Are there anything I can't store?

Flammable or toxic items such as fuel, gases, paints, poisons, aerosol sprays are not permitted, nor are perishable items such as food and plants.

How often can I access my stored belongings?

You can access your belongings during standard business hours, under supervision. If you need to access some possessions more often than others, we can arrange to pack the storage container to reflect this.

I only want to store a few items. Can you still help me?

Yes we can. We have a range of options suitable for storing belongings of different sizes. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Have another question? Call us on 1300 368 893 or visit our FAQs page.