Moving Resources

Moving is exciting but also stressful, complicated and fraught with risks for those that haven’t done it before. However for over 100 years King & Wilson has been moving Australians locally, interstate and overseas - so we thought we would create articles and comprehensive relocation guides full of tips to help!

  • The complete guide to moving to Amsterdam

    February 25
    Canals, cafes, sprawling parks and rich history: moving to Amsterdam will certainly add some European charm to your life. This vibrant city has grown from a humble fishing village to a major trade...
  • The complete guide to moving to Vietnam

    December 3
    Commonly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is a vibrant city based in the southern parts of Vietnam. The tropical climate combined with the mixture of shopping opportunities available at both...
  • The complete guide to moving to Indonesia

    October 30
    Sitting on the top of the Northwest coast of Java, Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is a melting pot for different cultures. The unique blend of Jakarta’s Javanese, Chinese, Arab, Malay, Indian and...
  • The complete guide to moving to Denmark

    October 4
    With its charming aesthetic and egalitarian approach to society, it's no wonder so many people dream of moving to Denmark. The impeccable design and progressive ideals make it an attractive option...
  • The complete guide to moving to Switzerland

    August 29
    Chocolate, cheese, cuckoo-clocks and yodelling. Switzerland couldn’t get more quaint. However, it’s also a country of four national languages, stunning alpine scenes (not to mention great skiing)...