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Canada shares many similarities with Australia. As a former British colony and fellow member of The Commonwealth, many of Canada’s institutions including its political, educational, legal and property title systems will appear much more familiar to Australians than those in the USA.

Canadian cities share many of the same attributes of Australian cities, with vibrant, culturally diverse downtown areas, high quality housing, transport, health and recreational infrastructure. Indeed, apart from the obvious climatic difference and the linguistic influence of the USA, Canada may actually be the most the nation most closely resembling Australia.

King & Wilson assists hundreds of clients each year to relocate from Australia to Canada. King & Wilson’s moving services to Canada range from full service home packing, shipping and relocation services through to smaller student or young professional air courier services where the shipment size may only be one or two boxes of personal effects.

We have the people, processes and local representatives in Canada to make your move stress-free. Here's how it works:

In-home consultation
We conduct an in-home consultation to guide you through the moving process and determine the best moving plan for you. This process usually takes between 30 minutes and one hour.
Pack - international

On the scheduled moving day, we arrive at your home to carefully pack your belongings into specially designed international removal cartons. We also disassemble, wrap, itemise and prepare your furniture to export standards.


A detailed and descriptive customs export packing list is compiled and your packed belongings are loaded and secured into an appropriate shipping line container, transferred to our warehouse for weighing, security sealing and reporting. The container is then transported to the port and onto the vessel for international sailing. 

Deliver and unpack - new home

We arrange customs clearance of your shipment, collection of the container from the destination port and the delivery of your belongings to your international residence - unpacking the cartons, re-assembling and placing all furniture items to your satisfaction and disposing of any packing debris and mess.

We pride ourselves on providing you with as much assistance as you need to make your move stress free. Should you require it, we can arrange:

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