International car shipping

King & Wilson offers a safe and competitive solution for shipping cars to the UK or New Zealand. Our international car shipping service can also accommodate 4WDs, SUVs as well as classic and vintage cars.

Our international car transport service includes:

  • Receiving your vehicle at our Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra depots
  • Completing a pre-shipment condition report, for insurance purposes
  • Installing silica gel moisture absorbent bags to prevent condensation
  • Loading and securing your vehicle into a shipping container and transporting this container to the appropriate port
  • Facilitating export customs formalities
  • Shipping your vehicle to the destination port
  • Covering any port charges
  • Customs clearing your motor vehicle at destination and arranging for the local RTA compliance

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Frequently asked questions

Is it cost effective to ship my car or motorcycle?

This depends on the age, model and value of the vehicle. Recently purchased vehicles where you would face a significant financial loss by selling (within its early and steep depreciation period) are the most common candidates for international shipping.

Most customers who import their vehicles intend on using them for a long period as motor vehicles which are privately imported typically have a much lower re-sale price than vehicles imported by the manufacturer.

It is also important that you check that the vehicle is available in your desination country to ensure the availability of spare parts.

How will my car be transported?

We offer two container options for shipping motor vehicles. Both involve securing your vehicle within an appropriate container at our depot, thus avoiding handling at the port of departure.

Groupage (shared) container service

Groupage is a cost effective solution for motorcycles and smaller cars as your vehicle shares container space with consignments of personal and household effects bound for the same destination. Your vehicle is carefully loaded and stowed within the container and a sturdy timber frame is constructed around the vehicle for protection.

Exclusive container service

This option involves loading and securing the vehicle within its own container. There is no requirement for a protective frame as your vehicle is carefully stowed by means of chocks and/or retaining straps between the towing points or axles and floor mounted ringbolts, which prevent movement in transit.

If budget is not a major consideration we strongly recommend this option for speed and safety as it does not depend on the availability of other consignments or have potential hazards when erecting or dismantling the timber frame which is otherwise required; this is reflected in the lower insurance premium available.

This solution is recommended for shipping 4WD vehicles, large saloon cars, panel vans, trailers, boats and/or caravans, dimensions permitting.

Transit by exclusive container is generally faster than by shared container, taking 5-7 weeks to the UK and 2-3 weeks to New Zealand.

Are there any extra costs I should be aware of?

Our quotation excludes storage at origin or destination, demurrage or quay rent at the destination port if arising from import duties, taxes or any other sums due to government departments; for example, Goods & Services Tax where applicable, quarantine examination or steam cleaning fees.

For vehicles shipped to the UK you will also need to pay for a MOT inspection and for the speedometer to be converted from km/h to mph.

Speak to your moving consultant for guidance on the additional fees you may be liable to pay at your destination.

What are the legal implications of transporting vehicles?

It is important that you are aware of the taxes, duties and vehicle compliance regulations of your destination country. For this reason we recommend you seek information from your local consular office or customs website of your destination country.

If you require assistance speak to your moving consultant. The following documents may also be of assistance:

Can I ship caravans, boats, trailers or other large vehicles?

Yes you can - depending on the dimensions of the vehicle you wish to ship. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Do I need insurance?

Most car insurance policies do not cover the tranportation of your vehicle by sea. For this reason we highly recommend you take out transit insurance for the period your vehicle is being transported or stored.

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