Moving Planner - International

Updated: May 15, 2017

So you've made the difficult decision to try life in a new country. Perhaps its a only a temporary situation or maybe its going to be permanent. In any case, your departure date is looming and its time to get organised. You've already made an important decision in choosing a professional and experienced international removals company in King & Wilson. Our 4 week moving planner has been carefully designed to guide you through to the moving day and departure flight countdown.


  • Have you booked your move with King & Wilson?
  • Prepare a detailed valuation of your effects to move for insurance purposes (based on replacement value at destination).
  • Obtain all necessary visas, work permits and residency permits.
  • Dispose of any effects that you do not wish to move overseas.
  • Begin reducing your supply of frozen and perishable food.
  • Check that all passports are valid and any vaccination requirements have been arranged. Take a photocopy of your passports and birth/marriage certificates and store separately from the originals.
  • Notify your bank of your move.
  • Make arrangements to open bank and credit card accounts at destination and request bank and credit references for use overseas.
  • Obtain your family’s medical and dental records and notify Medicare and your private health insurance fund that you are leaving the country.
  • Advise any life insurance companies of your intentions and arrange continued payment of premiums if required.
  • Ask for final electricity, gas, water and telephone bills and arrange disconnection if required. Do not arrange disconnection of your telephone until the end of the last day of the removal so that we can maintain contact. On-line disconnection services are available at
  • Cancel subscriptions (or arrange forwarding) of any magazines, newspapers, etc. Cancel rental agreements and memberships and return rented or borrowed items such as videos, DVDs and books.
  • Notify your children’s school and arrange for school records to be forwarded to the new school.


  • Notify your King & Wilson Moving Consultant of your contact address, email and telephone number in Australia whilst your goods are in transit.
  • Contact your King & Wilson Moving Consultant to arrange full transit insurance cover for your goods and effects. Refer King & Wilson Insurance Documentation.
  • Locate marriage and birth certificates.


  • Dispose of alcohol, if possible, as this can cause problems with overseas customs. Contact your King & Wilson Moving Consultant to find out more information regarding duties and regulations on the importation of alcohol.
  • It is advisable to re-direct your mail to a friend or relative. You can do this by completing the re-direction form at Australia Post offices until you are able to change your address on all your mail. Application forms are also available at
  • When moving from an apartment complex obtain the name and contact phone number of the Building Supervisor and pass this information onto your Moving Consultant who can coordinate this booking on your behalf.


  • Plan ahead for the special needs of infants. If possible arrange care for children and pets.
  • Make arrangements with your neighbours to allow enough parking space for our vehicles on the day of the move.
  • Before our arrival; please ensure that all personal items that you will carry with you (i.e. passports, documents, work permits, any invoices for customs, jewellery, money, airline tickets, clothing, notebook computers and toys, etc). Make sure that you take enough clothes to tide you over until your airfreight or seafreight shipment arrives.
  • Refer to the King & Wilson ‘Dangerous Goods’ guidelines to advise you of flammable items and chemicals not permitted to be moved by King & Wilson. Empty fuel from mowers, brushcutters, chainsaws before removal. Further information regarding dangerous goods is available at
  • Thoroughly clean all tools, shoes, golf clubs and sporting equipment.


  • The refrigerator/freezer should be turned off and emptied at least 24 hours prior to your international move. Ensure the refrigerator is clean, empty and the seals have been thoroughly wiped.
  • Disconnect stereos, computers, televisions, other electronic devices and appliances.
  • Place all suitcases and essential items which will be travelling with you in one specified place so they are not mistakenly loaded.


  • Relax and let your Move Coordinator and Foreman take control.
  • If at all possible, try not to arrange travel overseas on the same day as the move, as this will tend to add to the stress involved.
  • Once the effects have been packed, wrapped, listed and loaded and BEFORE our staff leave, please check around your home, making sure that nothing has been forgotten.
  • Enjoy the journey.

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