Packing Tips for Self Packing of Cartons

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

What you will need

  • Sturdy boxes. King & Wilson supplied dedicated removals cartons are the best option
    (Do not use second hand fruit cartons due to interstate and overseas quarantine restrictions)
  • Butcher’s paper (Not newspaper as it stains the packable items)
  • Tape (not paper based)
  • Marker pen
  • Tissue paper

Packing tips

  • Select one carton to use for priority items I.E TV remote, cables, loose bolts or screws
  • Clearly mark each box with your name and a brief description of the contents and the room it will be located at the delivery
  • Work room by room leaving the essential items to be packed last
  • Never have items protruding from a carton
  • Never use towels, linen or clothing to wrap glass or chinaware
  • Double tape the bottom of the carton in a cross pattern
  • Crush paper and place in the bottom of the box to a depth of 150mm
  • Individually wrap each item in paper
  • Place a sheet of paper between each layer or tier in the carton
  • On average you should have 3 – 4 tiers in each carton
  • Pack heavier items first into the bottom of the box working your way up to lighter items at the top of the carton
  • Place a layer of crushed paper between each layer of packing items
  • Fill any void between packed items with scrunched up paper
  • Do not overpack cartons a maximum weight of 20 kg is safest for lifting, transporting and reduces the risk of carton collapse
  • Pack plates and bowls on their edge and not flat
  • Glasses and cups should be packed drinking edge facing down
  • Remove and pack the microwave plate
  • Cutlery should be bundled together and wrapped in butcher’s paper
  • Delicate items and figurines should be wrapped in tissue paper before wrapping in butcher’s paper
  • Books, CD’s, DVD’s, canned foods and tools should be packed into smaller book or archive type cartons as they become very heavy
  • Light globes should be removed from lamps and packed separately
  • Flammable, Caustic, Explosives, Oils & Paints MUST NOT BE TRANSPORTED
  • Before dismantling TV’s, Hi FI’s etc take a photo of the cabling so you can reassemble

  • Do not pack opened liquid bottles
  • Smaller items should be packed into snap lock bags then paper so they are not missed during unpacking
  • LPG cylinders can only be transported if purged and certified
  • Garden tools should be bundled and taped together at each end
  • Hose pipes should be fully purged of water
  • Do not pack prescription medicines, passports and other essential legal documents – take these with you on your person